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The Coup In Myanmar Is Partially About Protecting The Economic


Why could the army point a coup to depose a Myanmar democratically elected authorities of which it was a part? Why do it before the authorities started another term?

It shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s a saying in Myanmar which you can get the hair bun on top of my mind. But do not you dare touch the pocket tucked off in my waist.

Army Crony Capitalism Myanmar

Too, army leaders and partners of army leaders caught licenses, land and financial concessions. While there were significant reforms in Myanmar over the last ten years, including a more powerful role. For a private business and global investors, the army has claimed its economic clout.

Truly, this has posed a problem for many foreign companies which were detained. By the united nations and amnesty international of failing to honour human rights by participating companies controlled by the army.

The Danger From Myanmar Civilian Authorities

The very first national league for democracy authorities 2015-2020 was unwilling to directly decisively target the interests of the army. Although its introduction of important industries to investment and competition acted as counterweight.

It had been intent on handling the nation’s deep grained corruption in government industry associations, but with poor influence on the companies owned by the army.

But in November 2018 that a national league for democracy spokes person pointed into the army domination of important areas of the market and said that the government bureaucracy dominated by retired army employees was a significant stumbling block to advance and could be a significant goal for reform following the 2020 election.

The civilian led government started to slowly demilitarise the nation. A significant accomplishment was that the 2019 transfer of this overall administration department to control.

This section, formerly from the military controlled ministry of home affairs, was depicted as the backbone of the authorities of Myanmar, together with the capacity to punish government officials throughout the nation.

It was a indication of the weakening grasp of the army within the government administration and patronage. That was in the core of its capacity to collect and protect its own wealth.

We don’t know just what the national league for democracy was intending alongside for jade mining or its own devotion to meaningful reform. But we can make certain strengthened civilian supervision could have loomed large because of concern for the army.

International Pressure

The army coup intensifies pressures on global companies to have a stand on the ethical consequences of the interactions with Myanmar. Particularly for companies in direct partnerships with the army.

International trade sanctions are very likely to come back if things do not improve, but a lot of companies in nations neighbouring. Myanmar are not likely to be scammed. What’s apparent is that the struggle for democracy in Myanmar can be a struggle against military dominated crony capitalism.

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